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Why I Love My Job

Becoming a leadership coach was a risky move for me. I was basically going from the known (full time job, clear position description, steady paycheck) to the complete unknown (running a small business, promoting myself, staying positive when things were slow). But I can honestly say that I am now living the authentic life that I was meant to live. And that is a really big deal.

I am at my best when I am lighting the spark of possibility in others. Witnessing someone go from a space of anxiety and fog to a space of clarity and joy is incredibly fulfilling. I often leave a client call feeling like I'm walking on air. The excitement and optimism of my clients is contagious. Their success is what drives me to keep urging them forward on their path to excellence.

The most incredible moments for me are when clients surprise themselves by finding their own innovative answers to issues that have been keeping them "stuck". I truly believe that we all have the ability to design the life and career that we want. My job is to help a client see themselves in a new way, clear out the clutter, and see an attainable, exciting future.

Clients have told me that I help them feel "lighter." I see that as the ultimate affirmation of my work. Life and work, while challenging, don't always have to be heavy and ridden with anxiety. Let's all strive to be lighter, open, and ready for great possibility.

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