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"Working with Tamar helped me build confidence in my abilities and enhance them. Her perspective really challenged my notions about myself and what I had to offer the company. I feel a lot more empowered now. It's been a big shift mentally for me personally and professionally."  - Paul, Director of Marketing

"Tamar allowed me that safe space to explore feelings I had not sorted though yet regarding my future career path and was a compassionate sounding board for the many ideas I had running around in my head.  Tamar gave me insights about my career that I had been feeling stuck on and was able to guide me towards a much more clear idea of what I had envisioned but was not able to articulate. After working with Tamar, I felt energized and excited about my career path and eager to take the next steps to make it a reality." - Cameron, Wellness Coach

"Tamar gets right to the heart of the matter which is refreshing and inspiring. She's a master at guiding her clients to reframe negative ideas or patterns into empowering action. Her warm approach goes deep, making her clients feel safe as they explore intricate parts of themselves that may have felt too scary to navigate alone. Her support has been invaluable in my own journey. Thank you, Tamar!" - Tricia, Workshop Participant 

"Tamar is a gifted coach - she is warm, smart and extremely perceptive. Her coaching has helped me become a more self-aware and effective leader." - Ann, Director of Organizational Development 


"A tremendous opportunity to learn and grow in such a welcoming and beautiful environment. Everything about the way in which Tamar led the workshop just worked. Tamar is so naturally talented at what she does. It made me think, this is what it means to truly love what you do and do it well. I left the workshop feeling strong and empowered and able to do what I thought I might not be able to do. I was able to find fulfillment and happiness in something that was there all along, I just didn't quite know how to tap into it. Tamar helped me discover how to tap into my innate talents and use them to propel myself to where I want to be. I can't say enough about what a positive and beautiful experience I had. Tamar is so professional and always so well prepared, a true leader. Her feedback is invaluable." -Monica, Entrepreneur (Discovery & Action Workshop Series)

"I had never worked with a coach before, and I had doubts that it could be useful for me. I am so glad that I set my expectations aside and gave it a try! It was such a treat to spend time on myself, and to meet such an interesting, varied, and driven group of women. Each of them helped me learn more about myself, and Tamar helped me see my strengths, interests, and motives more clearly." - Caroline (Discovery & Action Workshop Series)

"The workshop serves as this place where you can have linear thought about your own life. Linear thought for a parent with two little kids is cherished, as is the time to reflect about who you are, your past life, how your current life may or may not be serving you." - Lily (Discovery & Action Workshop Series)

"I had not participated in a workshop previously and was not sure what I was going to get out of this. I found the workshop to be a great way to get to know more about myself- what makes me motivated and how to break down my goals into manageable steps." - Rebecca (Discovery & Action Workshop Series)


"It is a pleasure working with Tamar in her capacity of leadership coach.  Tamar prepared and led individual and group exercises for our program team for our professional/personal development during a team retreat. We covered how we show up at the workplace, and accessing the hero within ourselves and within the workplace. Truly enlightening, and fruitful for our individual and team interactions. Tamar is thorough, prepared, and centered in her role as leadership coach. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again! " - Victoria, Vice President

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